Help Kids Succeed

This year, 1 in 10 TSD Students Needed School Supplies

TEF staff, donors and volunteers filled 1,500 backpacks with school supplies in July to be ready for the new school year. That number means that 1 in every 10 students in Thompson School District needs help, 10% of our students.

School supplies directly impact students. HKS makes backpacks filled with supplies available to any student who needs one. Often, these economically vulnerable students have multiple stress points in their family life that can interfere with focus in the classroom. Having necessary school supplies provided for the first day of school removes one of these stressors immediately, opening a pathway to confidence and classroom success.

$20 Fills A Backpack! Support TEF and Help Kids Succeed.
Thank you!

Thompson Education Foundation welcomes donations for Help Kids Succeed. When making a decision as to how much to help, consider that a new backpack filled with supplies for a K-12 student can cost $75 or more. Working with purchasing partners, TEF is able to provide the same backpack for $20, allowing more students to benefit from program donations. Your gift of $20 helps one student; $100 helps five students. TEF accepts monetary donations for this program all year round.

Because of the discounts TEF can receive on supplies, we do not offer a community supply pick up/delivery opportunity.

EXCEPTION - TEF will accept requested supplies from 9am - 1pm on Monday, July 22, 2019 at Conrad Ball Middle School. Please use this LIST to choose supplies to donate.

Our Volunteers Make HKS Possible!  Thank you! New signups - only the 7/22 shift from 8-9am is still available.

Volunteers are needed! Volunteers will sort school supplies for packing before filling backpacks in anticipation of delivery day to schools.

HKS volunteer shifts are very popular. Please sign up for only 1 shift so that others can participate. You can only volunteer for a shift if you are pre-registered.

You will receive an email with final details a few days before your shift.

Need Help with School Supplies?

If your family needs help with obtaining school supplies, please request backpacks in August 2018 at the school your student is registered to attend.

For example, if you have an elementary student and a middle school student, a backpack should be requested at each school (supplies differ between elementary/middle/high).